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All Japan Koi Show Grand Champion History

All Japan Koi Show Grand Champion History

The All Japan has a rich history dating all the way back to December 1968. Over the years the Koi industry as a whole has developed and captivated the World. As you'll see, quality, body, size and tougher competition has increased exponentially. Nowadays, participation in the show brings dealers and hobbyists from all over. The biggest stage is The All Japan Koi Show, traditionally held every January and in recent years has been hosted at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center. In this blog post I'll be bringing you past champions of the show.

I often get asked 'Where can I see all of the past Grand Champions ?'. To the best of my research and thanks to the digital age it has been a lot easier to gather images from past show champions, as and when I receive more I'll be sure to update this post. Anything pre 2000 is hard to get hold of!

As you'll see, there are a few gaps to fill but will endeavour to add to the collection over time. Below the slideshow is a collective image of ALL of the Champions dating back to the very first show (individual images not fit for posting here)

Many of the images are courtesy of Jane Manereet from Thailand, Koi enthusiast and professional Koi photographer. -

Extra nerdy facts!

  • Only major Earthquakes, KHV and COVID have caused the show to be cancelled over the years.
  • Grand Champions are not allowed to attend the following year
  • The 1990 and 1992 Ogawa bred champion nicknamed Loulan was the first Koi to ever receive the highest award on two occasions.
  • Since Loulan, only M Legend in 2011 & 2013 and S Legend in 2017 & 2019 have taken the crown on two separate occasions
  • The 2018 Grand Champion from Sakai also took the All Japan Koi Show Young Grand Champion award a few years previous, a remarkable feat. The only Koi to get "the double". Raised by Odakan in Niigata.
  • S Legend 2017 & 2019 broke records and was the highest reported purchase price ever for a Koi. Making headlines around the world. 203 million Yen, you do the maths!
  • 2006 Grand Champion was owned by fellow Brits, Martin Plows and Mark Crampton. Supplied by Tony Pitham of Koi Water Barn, the first and ever time the U.K. took the crown.
  • 2006 Grand Champion also fuelled Narita Koi Farm's dominance in the Japan Koi Show scene and started THE painting, located at Narita Koi Farm. Remembering all major show Grand Champions that Narita have been responsible for. In recent times, it is estimated that Narita Koi Farm are responsible for 1/4 to 1/3 of all entrants at both the All Japan Koi Show and All Japan Young Koi Show.
  • 2008 Grand Champion Alexandria was owned by an American hobbyist, the runner up owned by an Indonesian. The first year both top awards went to owners outside of Japan.
  • 2007 Grand Champion Sakura bred by Dainichi reportedly sold as Nisai for a mere £2000 in auction.
  • 2015 Grand Champion bred by Sakai, was raised by Narita Koi Farm and appeared in a Tosai sales event for 250,000 yen.
Above: Narita Koi Farm Office painting

Below: Every All Japan Winner from its inception. Thanks to Phaisal Koi Farm in Thailand for this.

Hope you've enjoyed the post. More to come!