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The Story

Who are we?

Shosha Koi is born out of love and passion for Nishikigoi. Through the beauty and tranquility of Japanese inspired design and horticulture, we aim to bring you an immersive experience that will spark a new level of appreciation for all things Koi.
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Meet The Team

Lee Bailey
I have been interested in anything that swims since a young child. All aspects of water, for some reason, it encapsulates me. Being an angler from an early age, this inspired me to study fish farming and aquaculture. From there it lead me into the ornamental fish world.
From 2007 I have been involved in all aspects of aquaculture from fisheries management to fish farming for the table. The last decade I have been solely involved in the wonderful world of Nishikigoi. I'm very fortunate to do something I have a huge passion for. Designing and creating ponds along with their surroundings for people to enjoy for years to come is something I take tremendous pride in. I strive to perfect my skills and learn all I can along the way to deliver the best possible product to our customers, whatever that product may be.
Mike Hughes
From the moment I set eyes on Nishikigoi in the family pond as a young child, I was immediately in awe of their beauty and the infinite details each Koi possesses. From School, my life has been dedicated to the study of and appreciation of Koi.
I have been fortunate enough to supply a number of award winning Koi in the UK and Japan, seeing the joy on my clients faces as they give me the good news is a proud moment. Sharing the learning journey with clients wishing to develop their knowledge gives me great satisfaction. I am a firm believer in upholding standards and working together with others in the trade for the good of the hobby we all love. Since 2019 I have been a proud member of the All Japan Nishikigoi Promotion Association. Recently myself and other members have unified to award and promote the highest standards of Koi in the UK.

Pronounced: sh-Yo-sha

(Or sho-sha is fine!)

The word Shosha originates from the Japanese language. It just so happens to be used within the Japanese Koi community, particularly at Koi shows. The name was suggested by Hidekazu Yoshida otherwise known as 'Odakan'. His close friends Koji Tamaura and Kentaro Sakai concurred. It was meant to be!

The literal translation from Japanese to English is 'Winner' or 'Victory'. Applying these words to Koi keeping has a range of contexts. At Shosha Koi we want our customers to feel confident and proud of how they raise their Koi. Winning can be applying new found knowledge to their water chemistry, for others it may be winning awards at shows. Whichever way you want to be successful at keeping Koi, we'll be right there with you.

The Buddhist Zen circle, more commonly known as the 'Enso' circle has many meanings. It is drawn by monks as part of their spiritual practice. In one continous brush stroke, it is said to portray the character and self-realisation of ones mind. The open ended circle, and the details of the brush stroke itself exemplifies the idealogy of wabi-sabi. A Japanese concept based on the acceptance and appreciation of imperfections.

The Sakura (Cherry Blossom) represents Spring, the season of excitement and optimism for the future. The beauty of Sakura stops people in amazement, just as Nishikgoi can do. The delicate blossom a gentle reminder that our Koi too can be fragile and should be treasured for the time they are with us.