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Japan Day Four

Japan Day Four

Please see our YouTube video for most of the goings-on from Day Four!

Below are some of the Koi purchased.

A quiet day on the Koi buying front. However we did visit 13 breeders! Sunday's are never the most productive, however it did enable us to scout out some breeders for the next day.

Starting out at Dainichi for a catch up and interview with Kenny at FD Koi Food, we made a quick visit to Hoshikin to bowl up some eye watering Kohaku and Showa. A little miscommunication here as we bowled up the Best koi in the pond... turns out they were a lot more money than what we thought they were!

As you'll see in the video, we visited many breeders today. One of the farms we did buy from was Izumiya.
Famous for Yamabuki Ogon, Jimbei Bloodline Sanke, Goromo and a few other varieties. We were quids in, and lucky enough here to bag up two great Sanke, and a lovely Karashigoi from their Sakai Fish Farm bloodline Mango Karashigoi.

Takatatsu was of interest for our next visit. Taking advantage of the Dainichi Botan bloodline, he's developed a very reliable parent set that produces lovely Mukashi Ogon, Ochiba, Matsukawabake, Kujaku and a few others. We were in luck. Some great value Koi here. A definite visit next time to fill our boots! Prices are really reasonable too.

We also visited Marusei today, although for some reason I didn't get any footage! It was a bit of a mad scramble as we battled with Europeans netting fish out of the same pond. Thankfully we honed in what we wanted quickly and made an escape! Gin Rin Soragoi, Hi Utsuri, Gin Rin Karashigoi and a Red-Eye Kigoi. I apologise sincerely for not capturing it on video, however we did witness someone falling in a pond at Marusei. Once it was known he was okay, most of us in the fish house had a good chuckle!