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Mid Staffs Koi Show 2023

Mid Staffs Koi Show 2023

Sorry for the late post! I meant to post this late last year but with the Koi purchasing season kicking off, it's been a busy time!

The Mid Staffs Koi show took place mid September and as usual was hosted at the Hollybush Garden Centre by the Mid Staffs Koi Keeping society. This was the 35th edition of the Koi show, a great history that is rallied around by devoted club members. Traditionally this show has been classed as a closed show (members only), in recent years this has changed to an open show which opens up the show to members and non-club members.

As always, the volunteers showed up and made the show another huge success. On talking to a number of you that were in attendance it. couldn't have gone better, the water team deserve a special mention as the Koi looked great, remained healthy and happy throughout the weekend.

As we were central to the sourcing of a number of Koi in attendance, we'd like to give special mentions to the following. Nearly a major award clean sweep! Well done to all, we hope to see you all very soon!

Grand Champion & Jumbo Champion
Variety - Kohaku
Owner - Gary Woods
Breeder - Nogami

Mature Champion
Variety - Sanke
Owner - Mark Langford-Rotton
Breeder - Tamaura

Adult Champion
Variety - Kohaku
Owner - Liam Freeman
Breeder - Momotaro

Young Champion
Variety - Gin Rin Kohaku
Owner - Rob & Jo Burgwin
Breeder - Momotaro

Well done to all!

Coincidentally this is the second crowning for Gary's Nogami as Grand Champion. Rob & Jo's Young Champion also picked up a major in 2022.

Big praise goes to the Mid Staffs Keeping Society, the 2024 show will come around quick. For more information about the club please visit

Koi and award images kindly provided by World of Nishikigoi - be sure to subscribe to their magazine!