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The National Koi Show 2023

The National Koi Show 2023

The National Koi Show held at the start of July was a huge success. It attracted well over 3000 visitors over the weekend. The show itself had a real buzz about it, huge credit to the organisers of the show. It was great to be part of the build team during the week, it felt really good to reconnect with familiar faces that over the winter months you simply do not see. The congregation of volunteers from around the country to put the show on is always a fulfilling realisation that we are all in this together, and we're all there for one thing. The Koi.

This was the first time myself and Lee unveiled Shosha Koi to the public, discreetly wearing our new branded T-Shirts we had a well received reaction from the public. There is never enough time to speak to everyone at these events, but for those that we did get to spend some time with, thank you for all of your positive words and good wishes for the future.

This was just the start....

We'll start off by giving special mention to Karen Tovey, our first inductee to the Shosha Koi Pond of Fame. This spot is reserved specifically for Koi selected by us that have earned Major Award status at Koi Shows in the U.K and rest of the world. The first inductee to the Pond of Fame is Karen Tovey's Marudo Kohaku that swam away with the Young Champion Award. Well done!

Kohaku - Marudo - 53cm - Karen Tovey

As one of the founding members of the Shinkokai Award in the UK, we were very grateful to be involved for 2023. For anyone that does not know, the Shinkokai otherwise known as the All Japan Nishikigoi Promotion Association is the organisation behind the professional trade in Japan and around the world. The association is responsible for the main shows in Japan, The All Japan, The All Japan Young Koi show, and the International Junior Koi Show. The Shinkokai is an honourable status and to be part of the association, breeders must invite and appraise your application.

Last year was the first time we ran the award. Myself and a handful of others got together and offered the exhibitors and the show something that had never been done before. The award itself was to be carried out separate, and before the official show judging, the award was created to highlight the highest quality and standard the show had to offer. Regardless of size, variety or gender, the awards were given to those Koi that we feel would be welcome on the biggest stage in Japan, the All Japan Koi Show. This standard of Koi is what many strive for, and we're pleased the award had such a good reception.

This year we awarded Lee Manning with his Sakai Sanke, this Koi also coincidentally won Grand Champion of the show too!

Sanke - Sakai Fish Farm - 83cm - Lee Manning
Simon Austin, Darren Gray, Dave Tilbury, Lee Manning, Chris Giles, Mike Hughes

We also handed out seven honourable mentions, these koi made our shortlist for the main award. Carl Morrison's Sanke narrowly missing out on top spot.

Left to right, top to bottom.
Sanke - Sakai Fish Farm - 74cm - Carl Morrison
Sanke - Sakai Company - 64cm - Chip Kawalsingh
Shiro Utsuri - Marusho - 54cm - Martyn Underwood
Goshiki - Okawa - Size 4 - Owner Newton
Kohaku - Sakai Company - 74cm - Lee Manning
Showa - Sakai Fish Farm - 34cm - Chip Kawalsingh
Gin Rin Showa - Hiroi - 62cm - Ron Tyler

All in all, a successful weekend! Next stop... the Great British Koi show in Newark.

All images kindly provided by World of Nishikigoi - be sure to subscribe to their magazine!