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Japan Autumn 2023

Japan Autumn 2023

Great news! The first official trip to Japan for Shosha Koi has been booked! The trip will start on November 8th in the Niigata prefecture for a koi hunting adventure. 

Additionally, the special request book is now open. If you've been searching for that perfect koi but haven't found it yet, Shosha Koi is here to help. We have had great success in sourcing specific requests from customers. Simply drop us a message and we will do our best to find the right koi for you and your budget. 

During this autumn trip, the focus will be on Nisai (2-year-old) and older koi. Shosha Koi has arrangements for the koi to stay in Japan until spring, when our premises will be ready to accept the koi. Rest assured, the koi will go through a rigorous quarantine procedure when they arrive in the UK. Shosha Koi is one of the biggest advocates for Heat Ramping in the UK and firmly believes it is the best way to quarantine new koi. 

Please note that because the koi purchased on this trip will stay in Japan until spring, it is less likely for the breeders to keep koi over winter that are below a certain value, around the £800 mark. However, this could still be possible depending on individual breeder circumstances. 

To make things simple, the price you give to Shosha Koi is the maximum figure we will work with, and where possible keep it below. The price includes quarantine, shipping, VAT, and any other extras, so there are no hidden costs. 

We have a long list of breeders we will be visiting on the trip, including Dainichi, Hoshikin, Marudo, Yagenji, Takano, Odakan, Hiroi, Shinoda and many many more. 

To submit your requests, message Shosha Koi on one of our various social media platforms. We will provide videos and photos while we are in Japan, so messaging services like Telegram and WhatsApp work best for this. If you're not on Telegram, please feel free to download the app and join the Shosha Koi group chat for even more updates. 

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Japan ,here we come!