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Digital Pocket Weighing Scales 500g x 0.01g

Digital Pocket Weighing Scales 500g x 0.01g

  • Digital weighing scales
  • Pocket size
  • 500g limit
  • 0.01g increments
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Product Description

This digital scale is perfect for precision instrument for weighing of treatments needed for your Koi pond. This pocket scale can measure up to 500g in 0.01g increments.

This digital pocket scale has auto calibration option. Full details are given in user manual included in the pack. Give your scale sufficient warm-up time usually 30 seconds to get accurate measuring. Avoid overloading as this may permanently damage internal sensor. 

It is light weight and can be used on the go. The LCD display and stainless steel platform should be wiped clean and dry after each use. 

These scales accept 2 x AAA batteries (not included).
User manual included.

ALWAYS calculate the required dose multiple times, and weigh your dose out multiple times to be 100% sure. Should you feel the need to check the scales are weighing correctly, a 5 pence piece weighs 3.25g.

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