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Koi Ozone Gel 50ml

Koi Ozone Gel 50ml

Our favourite Topical Treatment!
We have had fantastic results using this.
Keep refrigerated
A little goes a long way
Size 50ml


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Product Description

Koi clear Gel is a blend of natural vegetable oils that have been infused with Ozone gas.  The Ozone transforms the oils into a gel, similar to Vaseline in consistency and Ozone is effectively trapped in the oils in the form of triolein triozonide compounds. At room temperature, Ozone is gradually released from the gel, so to increase shelf life and to retain its effectiveness the Gel should be stored in a refrigerator.

Ozonated oils are routinely being used to treat animal health issues but are also now being more widely used in human medicine to treat conditions such as :- Acne, Eczema, Insect bites and stings (including mosquito bites), Athletes foot, Chicken pox, Sunburn and heat burns, Psoriasis, Warts, Gynaecological infections and all forms of ulceration.

Ulcers: Ozone has been effective in the management of ulcers and infections since World War I, when it was first used to heal infected wounds and other casualties. Documentation of leg ulcers and extreme infections of feet, toes and toe nails has confirmed studies of Ozone therapies used over the past century and currently.

When required for a topical application, remove from refrigerator and use a teaspoon or spatula which has been submersed in a cup of hot water for a few seconds to warm it. The warm spoon or spatula is then used to extract the required amount of gel from its container, which will start to soften quickly and change the consistency into a thick clear oil.  Avoid overheating the gel in its container as this will shorten the shelf life.

The secret of success is to get the consistency of the gel just right for application – too thick and the gel will be difficult to apply correctly and it will not adhere adequately to the Koi.  As a thick oil it will be easy to apply and will adhere well and spread well over the affected area.

Sedate the Koi in the normal way, clean and dry the affected area. We prefer to use Tamodine as a cleaner, but other products can also be used. Remove all dead and necrotic tissue and apply the gel to the area with your finger or a cotton bud.  The gel will not adhere adequately if it is too solid when applied or if the affected area is not dry.

The Gel does not dry on the surface but will stay oily or waxy.  Try to leave the area to dry for at least 30 seconds before resuscitating the Koi and returning it to the pond.  Note*  If you use your fingers to apply the gel, do not put your fingers back in the gel pot after applying to the Koi.  If you need to repeat the treatment on more than one Koi, or more than one area on a Koi, we suggest you use a cotton bud or similar to avoid contaminating the gel in its container.

If you use you fingers for applying the gel note that it will stay active and effective on your skin for some time, even after washing, as the coating is absorbed by the skin almost like a hand cream. Therefore if you find the smell of ozone unpleasant, use a cotton bud or similar for applying to the Koi.

When correctly applied, the area treated will normally be seen to go almost white within 24 hours as the gel kills the pathogens infecting the wound area. This will enable the Koi’s own immune system to begin the process of tissue regeneration which cannot start until the wound area is clean and free from infectious agents. Note that for tissue re-growth, a water temperature of 18 deg C or above will be needed. Below this temperature the gel will still be just as effective at cleaning the wound, but tissue regeneration will be somewhat inhibited..

Once the wound area has changed colour, it is advisable not to touch it again or re-apply any topical treatment, other than agents such as spray propolis or similar, so that any new tissue that has started to form to cover the wound will not be damaged.

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