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Water Test Lab

Water Test Lab

With the Colombo Aquatest Testlab Professional you have all important tests in 1 case.


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Product Description

Colombo Aquatest Test Lab Professional is a complete test kit with quality drip tests for testing the water in your Tropical Aquarium, Salt water Aquarium or Pond. It is important to test the quality of your water to ensure your fish thrive in the healthiest environment you can possibly provide.

Poor water quality can cause diseases and complications for your fish, therefore the Colombo Aquatest Kit is essential for any fish keeper. 

Inside of the case there are test tubes, colour charts, a syringe and a manual. There are approx 250 tests in total and the test tubes can also be washed and reused for different tests. 

  • Complete water test kit
  • Suitable for ponds and both freshwater and marine aquarium set-ups
  • Precise testing of the 7 most important water parameters
  • Tests for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, KH, GH & Phosphate levels
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Supplied in a weather-proof carry case
  • Includes test tubes, syringe, dosing spoon, reagents, colour charts & manual


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