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Colombo Activator

Colombo Activator

  • Stimulates the activity of beneficial bacteria in ponds
  • Use alongside Colombo Filterstart and Colombo Bactuur Clean
  • Speeds up and improves bacteria performance
  • Available in 3 sizes; 500ml, 1Ltr & 2.5Ltr
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Product Description

Bactuur Activator from Colombo is a specially formulated vegetable biocatalyst. The unique plant extracts contained in Colombo Bactuur Activator boost the activity of the beneficial bacteria contained in both Colombo Filterstart and Colombo Bactuur Clean. This helps to achieve the desired effects of the bacteria much quicker.

Using Bactuur Activator to activate bacteria improves performance considerably resulting in quicker start-up of new filters (when combined with Bactuur Filter Start), improved water quality, reduction of toxic substances and harmful bacteria. Besides these effects Activator will also effectively help reduce algae growth.

Colombo Bactuur Activator is available in the following sizes:
-  Colombo Bactuur Activator 500ml - Treats 2,500 Litres
- Colombo Bactuur Activator 1Ltr - Treats 5,000 Litres
- Colombo Bactuur Activator 2.5Ltr - Treats 12,500 Litres

Directions for use:
First use (start-up): 40ml per 1,000 litre of water each day for 5 consecutive days. If water temperature is below 10°C, dosage should be doubled.

Maintenance dosage: 20ml per 1,000 litres of water each week.

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