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FD Mighty

FD Mighty

  • All Season Koi Food
  • Great for skim lustre improvement
  • Can be fed all year round
  • Newest of the FD range, specially developed for the cooler European market
  • Highest quality ingredients
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Product Description

One of, if not the highest rated Koi Foods on the market. Endorsed by Dainichi Koi Farm and countless Koi Farms in Japan, FD Koi Food offers unrivalled quality. Protein utilisation is extremely high and because of that, protein levels can be kept low thus keeping your pond healthy and clear while making it easy for Koi to digest.

FD have a rich history in Pet medicine and animal care. The founding father also founded another market leading Koi Food, well known all over the world. 2nd generation Kenny Baba, CEO of FD Food is a perfectionist and his passion for quality ingredients is evident. Travelling the world to hand select the finest ingredients, FD know exactly what is in their food, where and who it comes from.

Benefits of FD Mighty -

- High quality protien derived from hand selected fish meal.
- Shiroji (white ground) improvement.
- Improves and conditions skin lustre.
- Can be fed all year round.
- Can be fed as low as 10c.
- Can be fed to all ages of Koi.
- A perfect combination of enzymes that offers unrivalled digestion and utilisation.
- Excellent value for such high quality ingredients.
- Developed for the European market (cooler temperatures)

This is FD's answer to a true All Season Koi food, it can be fed all year round but particularly beneficial fed in low temperatures.

Pellet Info - Floating - 5-7mm (suitable for any Koi 25cm and up)

Ingredients: fish meal, bran, wheat flour, fish meal, sugar, choline, inositol, aqua-vitamins, aqua-minerals.

Guaranteed analysis: crude protein min 33%, crude fat min 4%, crude ash max 11%, crude fibre max 9%, moisture max 9%.

Contains Fishmeal-cannot be fed to ruminants.

See this exclusive interview that we were lucky enough to witness in Japan. Thanks to our friends at Koi2000 & Koi Wijzer TV for this.

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