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Saki Hikari Pure White Koi Food

Saki Hikari Pure White Koi Food

  • Improves white pigmentation
  • Easily digestible floating food for all seasons
  • Unique formula
  • Perfect for show preparation
  • Medium Pellet
  • 5kg
  • Floating pellet
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Product Description

Saki Hikari Pure White is a highly digestible floating pellet food scientifically developed for Koi. Ideal as a staple diet in colder seasons, it includes uniquely blended ingredients that help your Koi to achieve a deep, translucent white colour.

Saki Hikari Pure White fish food is developed to help develop a snow-white Shiroji. The traditional Japanese health food, pickled Japanese apricot extract, is included in this Koi food. apricot-polyphenol and citric acid found in Nishikigoi assist in the development of desirable Shiroji by supporting an efficient metabolism. It also contains milled sesame seed, which is an antioxidant that can improve gloss and lustre.

Crude protein Min. 37.0%
Crude fat Min. 5.0%
Crude fibre Max. 1.5%
Ash Max. 15.0%
Phosphorus Min. 1.2%
Moisture Max. 10.0%

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