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Kokugyo Books

Kokugyo Books

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Product Description

Kokugyo 1 is recommended for all those eager to learn how to appreciate the true beauty of Koi.

This book and the accompanying media provide a detailed explanation of how to evaluate all the characteristics of each variety of Nishikigoi.

Kokugyo 2 Continuing from “Kokugyo 1” in which Mr. Kodama teaches you how to identify the various Koi varieties and to appreciate their characteristics, this book provides a detailed explanation of how Koi change as they grow. Over 190 informative pages to learn from.

Kokugyo 3 If you want to sharpen your eye for quality Japanese koi and think like a koi judge, the Kokugyo Vol. 3 is the book for you.

Use this book (with over 350 pages) as a guide to tell which koi is the best when you buy or judge koi or produce them. Makes a great gift for a fellow koi lover’s library.

All three productions are beautifully created that will sit pride of place on the bookshelf. For the serious Koi keeper.

Written by Mamoru Kodama - Read more on Mamoru here

Kindly supplied by our friend and son of Mamoru, Taro Kodama.

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