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Wide Mouth Black in-wall Skimmer

Wide Mouth Black in-wall Skimmer

  • Value for money in-wall skimmer
  • For fibreglassed ponds or liner.
  • Can be converted to gravity fed by fitting a 6-4" rubber reducer.


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Product Description

The Black Wide Mouth Pond Skimmer can be built into the walls of a concrete pond or can be used with a pond liner as the clamping plate to secure the skimmer is included in the kit.

The Black Wide Mouth Surface Skimmer is an extremely cost effective in-wall pond skimmer. Designed to be built into the walls of the pond during construction this style of skimmer offers a permanent mounted solution which is more effective and aesthetically pleasing than a floating or in-pond skimmer.

The Black Wide Mouth Surface Skimmer Skimmer requires connection to a suitable external pump and we would recommend the water is returned via a filter system to improve efficiency.

Pond Skimmers are often overlooked during pond construction but are an an extremely underrated, low cost accessory for the pond, which when correctly installed will provide amazing results. Pond skimmers are designed to remove surface debris such as dust, leaves and foam from the pond surface.

These unsightly deposits are collected into a strainer basket for easy disposal, saving hours of maintenance and manual cleaning whilst vastly improving the ponds overall water quality by removing the debris before it has time to sink to the base of the pond and start to decay.

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