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Medo Air Pump

Medo Air Pump

  • High quality Japanese Air Pumps
  • 7 models available
  • Considered one of the quietest air pumps
  • Low wattage
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Product Description

Nitto Kohki Medo Air Pumps are a premium range of air blowers, Medo pumps, are uniquely different from other blowers as they don’t use diaphragms. Instead, they use engineered & machined, PTFE lined, metal-alloy “Linear-shuttles” at the heart of their pumps to generate the air-flow. This technology results in higher performance, quieter running & up to double the lifetime when compared to diaphragm blowers. A real work-horse!

Nitto Kohki is a world-renowned Japanese company. The company designs and manufactures high-tech components, tools and machinery that are distributed all around the globe.

Flow, pressure and wattage available in the image gallery.


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