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EA Nexus 220+

EA Nexus 220+

  • Nexus 220+ Latest model in Nexus filtration
  • Pump fed or gravity fed.
  • Automatic cleaning module available separately.
  • Uses both K1 Micro and KPlus Media
  • For ponds up to 4,000 gallons (stocking dependant)

Please note: These are ordered direct from our supplier. Please enquire as to lead time prior to purchase. (Typically 1 week)

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Product Description

Please note - These are sent directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 2-4 days delivery.

The Nexus+ filter is an innovative biological and mechanical filter system in one. Water from the pond enters the Nexus+ via the inlet into the inner chamber which works as a vortex allowing larger solids to settle out. The water then passes through Eazy filter, where finer particles are removed at the mechanical stage of filtration, thanks to the static bed of K1 Micro filter media.

The mechanically clean water then passes to the outside chamber of the Nexus+ where the new K+Media Moving Bed is located for biological treatment prior to being returned to the pond. At this stage, biological breakdown occurs through different strains of bacteria and filter feeders living on the vast protected surface area of each piece of the K+Media. These bacteria convert Ammonia and Nitrite into less harmful Nitrate. Water then passes through the exit grill into the outlet, returning back to the pond.

Maximum pond size: 18,000 litres / 4,000 gallons
Recommended flow rate: 6,000 litres per hour
Maximum flow rate: 10,000 litres per hour
Volume of water in Nexus: 510 litres
Amount of K1 Micro in EAZY: 18 litres
Amount of K+Media supplied: 50 litres
Maximum amount of K+Media: 150 litres

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