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FibreOnyx Chloramine Carbon Filter

FibreOnyx Chloramine Carbon Filter


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Product Description

New re-designed innovative Carbon Block Filter that provides an unrivalled treatment of Chlorine, taste and odour. This special cartridge also includes Chloramine removal.

Unlike traditional carbon blocks, the FibreOnyx Carbon Filters contain carbon coated fibres. Because of this, the media has a huge surface area, thus outstounding levels of Chlorine reduction capacity. This modern media features an antimicrobial agent to prevent premature blocking, thus maximising full chlorine capacity. In addition, there is minimal pressure drop that is common with traditional carbon blocks, this means the FibreOnyx Carbon Filter will last longer than any other cartridge on the market, not only in Chlorine capacity but also flow.  

Other Chloramine Carbon Filters are traditionally 1 micron. This new re-designed cartidge is 5 micron thus lasting much much longer. Get the maximum filtration before it blocks up!


  • One-stage chlorine. chloramine and 5 Micron sediment removal promotes ease-of-use
  • Antimicrobial agent applied to prevent bacteria growth
  • Gaskets permanently moulded onto end-caps to prevent dislodging
  • Over 50% reduction in pressure drop over carbon block

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