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Envirex Biological Pond Cleaner

Envirex Biological Pond Cleaner

  • Reduces risk of disease
  • Degrades waste matter and unwanted substances
  • 100% natural
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Product Description

  Envirex was created to make ponds more hygienic  and  lower the opportunity for  disease to develop in fish by removing certain strains of  harmful bacteria. Envirex degrades all types of waste matter and unwanted substances that form in ponds unseen .The product also reduces the amount of  filter cleaning , pond vacuuming and general maintenance that is required. Envirex is completely natural and  although it  cannot kill blanket weed or algae as it contains  no chemicals it can inhibit growth with regular use. The amount  of Envirex required is related to the number of fish in the pond and the food consumed not the pond gallonage .

Envirex is harmless and overdose impossible. The product can be used all year round but if  discontinued for winter re-seed the pond with the first application dose in spring. There is no need to switch off ultra violet sterilisers, and  the product does not interfere with pond medications.

Dosing Instructions:

When first using Envirex add 80 grams per 1,000 gallons to a new pond or 40 grams per 1,000 gallons to a mature pond and wait a few days for settlement. Then start regular use . Ponds with a low stocking level need 5 grams per 1,000 gallons every 4 -7 days to control  unwanted substances and solids. In overstocked ponds, during water quality problems or when the fish eat more or the pond needs cleaning use 15-20 grams per 1,000 gallons for a few weeks.

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