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Charming Leicestershire Pond Build

Charming Leicestershire Pond Build

This particular client had a vision from the outset. The aesthetics and design of the pond were thought out down to the nth degree. What a stunning pond it turned out to be! The concept and plan was in place, all we had to do was make it a reality. With a quick turn around needed, we were up against it to meet the tight deadline and get the pond completed. The garden featured well manicured borders, and lush borrowed views from neighbouring trees. Towards the rear of the garden a seating area, surrounded by a beautifully curated bonsai collection and greenhouse. The Bonsai and their display stands offering a harmonious back drop to the pond.

The pond itself was to be a tear drop shape, faced with an almost dry-stone effect natural sandstone. The coping stones were an oyster shell effect stone that glistened in different directions as the sun hit it. The pond walls are fully insulated, this will offer greater heat retention than bare block. As this pond is to be heated, the more heat that is saved, so are the £££'s! The waterproofing finished in fibreglass, with a black top coat.

The total volume measured at 4,300 gallons. The filtration of choice was a 35,000 litre per hour Combi Drum containing 150litres of Micro K1 ran in series to a Bakki Shower holding 110kg of Ceramic Shower Media. The water retuned back to the pond via under water returns, as well as 2 x 4" spigot exits on the shower. Once commissioned, final testing took place and we could see the pond in its full glory. One by one, from their existing pond the inhabitants were introduced to their new home.

Since installation the client has thoroughly enjoyed the new set up. It's matured well and looks better all the time. We will soon make a visit and get some up to date photos.

Final specifications

  • 4,300 Gallons
  • Gravity Fed set up - 2 x 4" Spindrifter bottoms drains and 1 x 4″ wide mouth skimmer.
  • 35,000 litre per hour Combi Drum unit with 150l Micro K1
  • Custom Bakki shower with 110kg Ceramic Shower media fed back to the pond underwater via 2 x 4" spigots.
  • 12Kw Thermotech Air Source Heat Pump
  • Submersible 40W UV within the Combi Filter

Should you have any questions about our pond building services then please get in touch HERE.

Situated in the Midlands we are perfectly poised for full pond builds, filter installations and much more from the North to the South.