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Pond Detox Forumla

Pond Detox Forumla

  • Detoxifies pond water
  • 100% Natural
  • Removes all pollutants
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Product Description

Pond Detox Formula  is a blend  of naturally occurring materials  whose properties  can  detoxify pond water  harmlessly. For example, heavy or acidic rain can trigger irritation in fish,  make them lethargic,  and  trigger  more serious reactions .  Tap water contains  chlorine ,  chloramine,  heavy metals ,  and other pollutants that are  all harmful to fish. Plants can release toxins and  even a small amount of  sap from  certain plants  during  gardening can cause fish losses  if it gets into the pond . Horticultural products can also  be  splashed  accidentally into ponds .  The  accidental  over dose of a pond treatment product  is yet another potential risk to fish  and so  are  many  airborne pollutants  particular in urban areas . PDF  can also  help reduce the toxicity of ammonia and nitrite when a filter is immature  or there has been a  filter crash or  bacterial die back .PDF can also be useful in quarantine, hospital, or temporary tanks.

In some cases, fish are only mildly affected by a contaminant such as acid rain  and will respond to the  lower dose of PDF . Fish  are at greater risk during a severe contamination and will need  the  larger  more  frequent  use  of PDF as a  neutralising agent .  Fish are susceptible to disease when exposed to toxins and PDF neutralises pollution to optimise fish health. Every case varies depending on the actual contaminant and how severe the  reaction in the fish is . PDF is harmless  and overdose  impossible .

Do not mix PDF with other products as  this can  prevent   the fish  getting all the benefits .

 PDF can be sprinkled on the pond surface   for a faster reaction  than dissolving it in pond water.

Dosing Instructions:

If the fish are irritated or lethargic use 2 tablespoons of PDF per 1000 gallons every 2 hours until the fish improve.  In a  serious contamination use a double dose every hour . The product is  harmless.

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