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Ceramic Disc Air Stone

Ceramic Disc Air Stone

  • Ceramic material
  • Very durable and long lasting
  • Fine bubbles for superior o2 diffusion
  • Two sizes available


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Product Description

Available in 130mm diameter or 200mm diameter .

130mm accepts 4mm or 8mm airline

200mm accepts 8mm airline

These airstones are a ceramic product and are made with special material and fired at very high temperatures. They contain many pores and no corrosion or friction loss. Long life and strong against shock.Bubbles are minute which provides excellent oxygen to the water.

Beware of cheaper, less reliable airstones and discs on the market.

Hose Connection Size
These air stones have a 8mm hose tail for connecting the airline to.

Instructions for use
- Submerse the airstone into the water for a short amount of time
- Connect the air line to the airstone (for tighter fitting airline, dipping the end of the airline into hot water until maleable)
- Turn on your pump
- Occasional gentle cleaning of the airstone will prolong the life of the stone

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