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3 Stage 20" Jumbo Dechlorinator

3 Stage 20" Jumbo Dechlorinator

  • Our 1st Choice Dechlorinator System - Big water volumes, easy to change cartridges
  • 3 stage Pond Dechlorinator
  • Huge flow and water treatment capacity
  • Pre-assembled on stand-alone stand.
  • Air bleed valves
  • Pressure gauges
  • Premium brass connection
  • Cartridge Centralising clips included
  • 15mm SpeedFit or Garden Hose fittings
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Product Description

The ultimate 3 stage dechlorinator for maximum water treatment and flow. This 20″ Jumbo 3 stage Filter Housing System comes complete with a housing spanner and is pre-installed onto a mounting bracket. This system also benefits from having inlet and outlet pressure gauges and an air bleed valve at each stage of filtration. This feature helps to remove any potential airlocks from the system.

This system does not include Filter cartridges.

Assembled on stand alone stand, no mounting required.
3 x Green cartridge centralising clips included.

The perfect set up for this system is a 20" Jumbo Sediment Filter followed by two 20" Jumbo FibreOnyx Carbon Filters. (Alternatively replace one of the FibreOnyx Carbon Filters with a Chloramine FibreOnyx should you suffer from Chloramine)

Choose 15mm Speedfit or Garden Hose Fittings.

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