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Wheatgerm Sinking

Wheatgerm Sinking


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Product Description

Wheatgerm 10kg – Medium Pellet, 4-5mm

As the temperatures drop and koi spend more time at the bottom of the pond, it makes perfect sense to preserve their much needed energy and feed a sinking food.
Aqua Source Sinking Wheatgerm provides all the nourishment they need, with a lower protein content of just 32%, whilst maintaining the high quality our customers have come to expect.
Aqua Source understand that you have chosen your koi carefully and want to give them the very best that you can, ensuring good health, vitality and growth. Our food range has been specifically developed to meet the daily nutritional requirements of your ” living jewels” , with premium quality ingredients and a range to suit every demand. All our food is produced in small batches in accordance with GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practice) , therefore we can guarantee you are buying the best product for your Koi.
Aqua Source Wheatgerm Sinking can be fed all year round, but is especially ideal to feed when water temperatures are lower. Koi will generally spend most of their time at the bottom of the pond during this period, so feeding a sinking food is ideal.
The high digestibility of the ingredients ensure low waste levels, whilst added stimulants reduce the risk of infections and strengthen the immune system. Although it is a low protein food, it contains all the essential amino acids that the koi require , thus maintaining growth throughout the year.
Aqua Source Wheatgerm Sinking has been developed to minimise the risk of physical damage to the koi whilst feeding. It encourages the more shy koi to feed from the bottom, therefore ensuring that they receive the correct amount of nutrition. This is also a more natural way for the koi to feed. The addition of clay helps to cleanse the digestive tract and reduce waste levels. This is complimented with the necessary mineral and vitamin content. Low fat levels reduce the risk of fatty deposit build up around the internal organs, thus promoting a healthier koi. Aqua Source Wheatgerm can be fed above 6c, so it is an ideal Winter food.

Ingredients; White Fish Meal, Wheatgerm,Wheat, Soya, Montmorillonite Clay, Paprika, Maize, minerals.
Composition; Carbohydrates 39%, Protein 32% crude fat 9%, crude fibre 2,4% ash 4,9%, vitamin A 10.000 I.E/kg, Vitamin D 1170 I.E/kg, Vitamin E 200 I.E/kg, Vitamin C 250 I.E/

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