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  • 49% Protein
  • High growth rates
  • Good colour enhancing
  • Should be fed 18c+ for optimum results


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Product Description

Proline Aqua Growth 15 kgs 6mm pellet is a complete food for koi made from very high quality ingredients. This food is composed in such a way that in addition to a very fast growth, the koi also develops a slender shape. The added natural color pigments (spirulina / astaxanthin) guarantee sharp and bright contrasting colours. In addition, Top Growth is enriched with prebiotics and probiotics to support the intestinal flora. Top Growth is a very water-stable feed, which means that discoloration of the pond water will be minimal.

fish meal. wheat. fish meal juice. spirulina. corn starch. wheat germ. fish oil. krill meal. yeast. garlic. antioxidants

Other characteristics:
NEB minimum 70%.

Crude protein 49%, Crude Fat 8%, Dietary fiber 1.4%, Ash 10.0%, Moisture 7%, Carbohydrates 14% (of which sugar about 0.9 grams).

A – 27,900 IU(IU)kg, D3 – 2,212 IU(IU)kg, E- 250mg/kg, C – 500mg/kg.

E161j (Astaxanthin 20 mg/kg )

Trace Elements:
E1- 75 mg/kg. 3b202 -5.0 mg/kg. E4 – 5.0mg/kg 6.3. E5 – 20mg/kg. E6 – 80 mg/kg 100.

Never feed more than the fish can eat in 5 minutes.

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